The Team


Taylor ToynesTaylor is a educator and a native of the south Dallas food desert. We have known him since 2015. Taylor worked at the Dallas County D.A.’s office where he served as a Victims Advocate in the Family Violence division. He holds an M.Ed. from SMU Simmons School of Education and has taught for Teach For America. Taylor remains a very trusted and active anchor in his community advocating for its people and organizing large-scale community events. Taylor ia a co-producer of WTF?!


Mitch Shultz – Mitch is a writer, director, and producer with extensive experience with social and cultural documentaries as well as with commercial branding.  We have known Mitch since 2009. His film DMT: THE SPIRIT MOLECULE continues to be widely popular online on Netflix as well as in the social media space. The film’s following is over 1-million. Mitch is consulting us throughout the project on marketing, production, and distribution.


Amber LaFranceAmber is the co-founder and owner of Dallas PR firm Culture Hype. We have known Amber since 2011. She quickly rose from being a coordinator at Bonaroo and intern at a consulting firm to executing 30 event and PR campaigns for brands like Red Bull, Hilton Anatole, and Ducati in a single year. She primarily works with musicians and visual artists and gets their word out via blog, TV, and radio. Amber is in charge of the film’s PR.


Brad Keller – Brad is a seasoned producer and director represented by the Kaplan Stahler Agency and currently focuses on unscripted TV and film distribution. We have worked with and have known Brad since 2010. He is very well tapped into the market for unscripted content as well as the major TV networks. Brad will pitch WTF?! world-wide at markets like the Real Screen Summit.


John WildmanJohn is a filmmaker and a film festival publicist. We have known him since 2012. He has worked with countless film festivals and filmmaker across the country.  He lives in the south Dallas food desert and is a passionate activist and film journalist. John is the film festival publicist for WTF?!


Courtney Ware – Courtney is a filmmaker and IFP Fellow. We have known Courtney since 2015. She has written, produced, directed, and edited award winning films. She has vast experience with production, film festivals, and grants for films. Courtney is the post production supervisor for WTF?!


Brent BaxterBrent is professional photographer. We have known him since 2016.  His style of photography is best described as Documentary Photojournalism, with the goal of capturing real life vs producing or creating moments. He has photographed for newspapers, heavy metal bands, and the X Games. He is the official photographer for WTF?!

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