The Plan

WTF?! has already increased awareness and motivated people into action. We aim for this transmedia project to have 3 specific outcomes:

  1. Create a revenue stream through the content we create that serves specific non-profits:

Harvest Project 

For Oak Cliff  

Bonton Farms 

Equal Heart 

  1.   Connect people to organizations and volunteer opportunities through a web tool that generates a list of local nonprofits needing specific skills. Non-profits need lawyers, photographers, accountants, architects, and more. We want to help you put your skills to best action.
  2.   Start a media mentorship program led by local storytellers, filmmakers, photographers, and other media professionals to help kids from food deserts share their stories and learn new skills. This is currently in coordination with Taylor Toynes, Clarice Criss, and WELD.

We have aligned with Get Healthy Dallas, a local non-profit (501c3) that is earmarking the funds for this documentary project.  To make a tax deductible donation please click here:

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